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Oyster's Distributed Discussions Podcast elevates the conversations around remote work, moving away from basic tips to deeper discussions around current remote work challenges, the future of work, and social impact.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. S1E5 - Oysters & Dogfood with Rhys Black

    In the last episode of Season 1, host Ali Greene chats with Rhys Black who shares his thoughts on documentation, socializing in smaller groups, key skills of learning how to work remotely, and the benefits of hiring remotely to make every employee experience successful. Rhys has seven ...


  2. S1E4 - Remote Evolutions & International Hiring with Tilly Firth

    In this episode, host Ali Greene chats with Tilly Firth, Head of People and Talent at Impala. Tilly focuses on how to foster an incredible work environment and culture.   Tilly describes Impala as an infrastructure API for hotels. Her role is to manage culture, onboard people, socials, ...


  3. S1E3 - Connectivity & Rural Communities with Jo Palmer

    In this episode, host Ali Greene chats with Jo Palmer, founder and managing director of Pointer Remote, an Australian-based company that supports rural communities, businesses, and individuals to leverage remote work. They also operate a remote work jobs board, deliver ...


  4. S1E2 - Humility & The Next New Normal with Laurel Farrer, CEO Distribute Consulting

    In this episode, host Ali Greene chats with internationally renowned remote work expert and industry thought leader, Laurel Farrer, about the remote work topics people are afraid to discuss.  With more than 15 years of experience building hybrid and officeless teams, Laurel now collaborates with the world’s ...


  5. S1E1 - Remote Ready & Able with Ayodeji Jeremiah, COO @ BELAY Associates

    Host Ali Greene takes a deep dive into Ayodeji Jeremiah’s experience with remote work and gets him to share the really incredible things he discovered through the Oyster Remote Ready Program. He shares his thoughts on why it shouldn’t be necessary for the ...